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OnPoint Productions, Inc. was founded in 1981 by well-known visual innovator, Jay Syverson. The OnPoint team includes experienced professionals who work together to bring your animated presentation, storyboard, video, or other project to you—on time and on budget.

Jay Syverson

  • OnPoint Productions founder and president
  • Well-known photographer, videographer, computer animator and expert witness
  • Popular speaker at seminars, conventions and round-table discussions

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Sandra Syverson

  • Co-founder and general manager
  • Interviewer, producer and project manager
  • Experienced litigation manager, investigator and negotiator

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  • 3D computer animator
  • Videographer
  • Film editor
  • Still photographer
  • Married to the coolest gal in Seattle

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  • 3D computer animator
  • Graphic designer
  • One heck of a nice guy

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